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Welcome to Dream, an establishment that has come to fruition through years of hard work, inspiration, and the guidance of two incredible grandmothers – Elizabeth H Thomas and Nina McClary Bowden. Our mission is to create a space that reflects the values they instilled in us, a place where music, good food, and a welcoming atmosphere all come together to bring warmth and joy to your soul.

Our journey began with our uncle, Dennis DT Thomas, who is a founding member of the world-renowned band Kool and the Gang. For over 30 years, we got the privilege of travelling with Uncle D.T. and the band to witness the power of music to bring people together. Those experiences helped us in shaping our vision – a musical venue that offers an intimate setting for both patrons and musicians, where various music genres like R&B, Funk, Jazz, and Soul are celebrated.

Drawing from our years of experience at FedEx and as a fireman, we have combined our experiences and knowledge to bring this DREAM to life. Owning several businesses previously has also provided us with valuable insights to design, plan, and refine our establishment purposefully.

We are proud to mention that lessons taught by our grandmothers are close to us – the importance of treating others with respect to maintain good relationships, the understanding that our thoughts and work ethic shape our character, and the value of self-confidence and not being a follower. These lessons have guided us in building strong relationships with our musicians, management, and product staff, ensuring the success of our endeavour and establishing invaluable connections for a lifetime.

Our tribute to our beloved uncle, who transitioned in August 2021, is manifested in this venue. With his influence and learning, Kool and the Gang’s impact continues to inspire us to create a space where people can feel at home away from home, just like our Uncle D.T.

We want you all to join us and be a part of this journey. Come, relax, immerse yourself in the magic of live musical performances, pay tribute to our late uncle, and share our passion and joy for music and hospitality with all of you.

We thank you all for being a part of our story.

Core Values


We believe in the teachings of our grandmothers, Elizabeth H Thomas and Nina McClary Bowden. Respect is a fundamental value in our establishment. We believe in treating others with dignity and kindness and fostering positive relationships with patrons, musicians, and staff alike.


We value and understand the importance of self-confidence and remaining true to our principles. We prioritize honesty and ethical conduct in all aspects of our business operations.


The dream of owning a musical venue and the experiences we have gained from traveling with Kool and the Gang have helped shape our commitment to excellence. We strive to offer top-notch performances, delicious meals, and a welcoming ambiance to create a memorable experience for our guests.


We also have learned the significance of relationships and understand the power of building strong connections with musicians, management, staff, and patrons. Nurturing these relationships is one of the key values in our establishment..


We draw innovation from our past experiences and employment. We believe in constant improvements and thus actively design and plan our venue with purpose, seeking to provide a unique and unforgettable experience.


We believe in the legacy of our late uncle, Dennis DT Thomas, and his impact on the world of music. We carry forward his influence in our venue, creating a space that pays tribute to his memory and the inspiration he provided.

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